Who's behind Umbrian Gold?

Umbrian Gold was started by two brothers, Paul and Marc Murphy.

Paul (@paulumbria) started coming to Umbria every year after high school. He now lives here permanently with his family.

Marc (@chefmarcmurphy) lived in Umbria after finishing cooking school. During his time here he worked with local farmers clearing land, planting, harvesting, and learning traditional butchering and preservation techniques. He also learned to cook all the local dishes, almost all of which require olive oil.

Paul uses an average of 50 liters of olive oil a year. Marc barely manages with 150. He has a lot of guests! In addition, Marc exclusively uses Umbrian olive oil at his private event studio in Tribeca (@mmkitchenstudio). This year it will be Martani 2023.

Over the years visitors have left with tins of oil, and then asked us to send more. Without exception they tell us it's the best olive oil they've ever tasted. Last year we sent friends and family over 300 liters, so we finally decided to make it available to even more people.

Where do you ship?

This year we will only ship to the US. 

How much is shipping & handling?

When you checkout you can choose between standard and express shipping. In both cases, we use UPS.

For standard shipping (4-10 day delivery), we charge $10 to ship one bottle, $15 to ship two, and $0 (yes, free!) to ship three or more.

For express shipping (2 day delivery), we charge $25 for the first bottle and $5 for each additional bottle.

Do you charge tax?

Only if you ship to New York State.

What if I don't live in the US and still want to buy your oil?

Give Paul a shout via Instagram or email, and he'll see what he can do.

Can you include a gift card with my order?

Definitely. Unfortunately we don't have a way of indicating that when you place the order. If you want a gift card included, write to contact@umbriangold.com with the order number and ask for a gift card. We'll make sure the recipient knows it's a gift from you. 

When will I receive my oil?

As soon as we can get it to you.

The first shipment is in New York and two other shipments should be arriving soon.

Can you make sure I receive it by Christmas?

If we can accommodate your order from the first shipment, you should receive it by Christmas if you order now.