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Umbrian Gold

Umbrian Gold Olive Oil Martani 2023

Umbrian Gold Olive Oil Martani 2023

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This year, we're excited to offer our exclusive olive oil: Martani 2023. Sourced from family-owned olive groves nestled on the South-East side of the Martani mountains, this exceptional oil embodies the essence of Umbria. Stretching approximately 45km, the Martani mountains stand tall, dividing two picturesque valleys. To the East lies the historic terrain where Saint Francis once roamed, bordered by the enchanting cities of Spoleto and Assisi. Meanwhile, the Western valley boasts the charming locales of Acquasparta and Todi.

Due to unique weather conditions this year—marked by higher than average rainfall during flowering and elevated temperatures in September and October—our production is limited to just 2,000 bottles. Martani 2023, available exclusively in the US, comes in elegantly numbered 500ml (16.9 fl-oz) bottles, ensuring a truly exceptional experience.

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